Shotgun Nuke Quickreview API reference, v1.0.3

The tk-nuke-quickreview app adds a custom gizmo to the shotgun node menu in Nuke.

Via a user interface, the user can create a Shotgun Version.

The following items are configurable via the UI:

  • The name of the Version.
  • The entity link and task that should be associated with the Version.
  • Description.
  • Frame range to submit.
  • Whether to add the created Version to a playlist.

During the submission process several things happen:

  • A quicktime file with slates and burnins is rendered out by Nuke
  • A Shotgun Version entity is created
  • The quicktime is uploaded to Shotgun and deleted from disk.

Several aspects of the process are customizable via the following Hooks:

Controlling naming and formatting

class tk_nuke_quickreview.base_hooks.ReviewSettings(parent)[source]

This hook allows a user to customize and override default metadata, default values as well as controlling the format for the uploaded media.

get_burnins_and_slate(sg_version_name, context)[source]

Returns the burnins and slates that should be rendered into the review submission.

Should return a dictionary with the following keys and format:

    "slate": ["Name: lighting.v003.nk", "Date: 12 October 2001", "..."]
    "top_right": "Top right burnin"
    "top_left": "Top left burnin"
    "bottom_left": "Bottom left burnin"


The bottom right burn-in is used as a frame counter and is controlled by the app.

  • sg_version_name (str) – The name of the shotgun review version
  • context (Context) – The context associated with the version.

Dictionary with burn-ins and slate strings


Returns the title that should be used for the version. This value is presented in the UI to the user as a default value which can be manually updated.

Parameters:context (Context) – The context to be associated with the version.
Returns:Version title string.

Returns the resolution that should be used when rendering the quicktime.

Returns:tuple with (width, height)

Allows modifying settings for Quicktime generation.

Parameters:write_node – The nuke write node used to generate the quicktime that is being uploaded.

Adding events and automation

class tk_nuke_quickreview.base_hooks.ReviewEvents(parent)[source]

This hook exposes main events in the review workflow, allowing for various data injections and post processing.


Called before the version entity is created, allowing for injections of additional metadata or fields before anything has been added to shotgun.

Parameters:sg_version_data (dict) – Shotgun version dictionary
Returns:Modified Shotgun version dictionary

Called after the version entity has been created, but before any media upload has taken place.

Parameters:sg_version_id (int) – The associated version id

Called after the media has been uplaoded to Shotgun.

Parameters:sg_version_id (int) – The associated version id