Source code for shotgun_fields.multi_entity_widget

# Copyright (c) 2016 Shotgun Software Inc.
# This work is provided "AS IS" and subject to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit
# Source Code License included in this distribution package. See LICENSE.
# By accessing, using, copying or modifying this work you indicate your
# agreement to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Source Code License. All rights
# not expressly granted therein are reserved by Shotgun Software Inc.

import sgtk
from sgtk.platform.qt import QtGui, QtCore
from tank_vendor import six

from .bubble_widget import BubbleEditWidget, BubbleWidget
from .entity_widget import EntityWidget
from .shotgun_field_meta import ShotgunFieldMeta
from .util import check_project_search_supported

shotgun_globals = sgtk.platform.import_framework(
    "tk-framework-shotgunutils", "shotgun_globals"
global_search_completer = sgtk.platform.current_bundle().import_module(

[docs]class MultiEntityWidget(EntityWidget): """ Display a ``multi_entity`` field value as returned by the Shotgun API. """ _DISPLAY_TYPE = "multi_entity" def _string_value(self, value): """ Convert the Shotgun value for this field into a string :param value: The value to convert into a string :type value: A List of Shotgun entity dictionaries, each with keys for at least type, id, and name """ return ", ".join([self._entity_dict_to_html(entity) for entity in value])
[docs]class MultiEntityEditorWidget(BubbleEditWidget): """ Allows editing of a ``multi_entity`` field value as returned by the Shotgun API. """ _EDITOR_TYPE = "multi_entity"
[docs] def add_entity(self, entity_dict): """ Add an entity bubble to the widget. :param dict entity_dict: A dictionary of information about the entity :return: (int) unique id for the added entity The ``entity_dict`` must include the following fields:: { "type": "Asset", "id": 12345, "name": "Teapot", } """ # get a list of the current entity bubbles to see if the entity being # added is already in the list. if it is, remove it and re-add it to the # end of the list bubbles = self.get_bubbles() for bubble in bubbles: bubble_entity_dict = bubble.get_data() # see if the bubble matches the supplied entity dict if ( bubble_entity_dict["type"] == entity_dict["type"] and bubble_entity_dict["id"] == entity_dict["id"] ): # move the bubble to the end self.remove_bubble( self.add_entity(bubble_entity_dict) return # get an icon to display for the entity type entity_icon_url = shotgun_globals.get_entity_type_icon_url(entity_dict["type"]) # truncate the display name of the entity if necessary name = entity_dict["name"] display_name = name[0:22] if len(name) > 22: display_name += "..." # create a bubble widget to display the entity entity_bubble = BubbleWidget() entity_bubble.set_data(entity_dict) entity_bubble.set_image(entity_icon_url) entity_bubble.set_text(display_name) # return the unique id for the added bubble return self.add_bubble(entity_bubble)
def focusInEvent(self, event): """ Show the completer when the widget receives focus. :param event: The focus in event object :type event: :class:`~PySide.QtGui.QEvent` """ # "remind" the completer what widget it operates on # apparently this is needed - see # self._completer.setWidget(self) if not self._completer.popup().isVisible(): self._show_completer() super(MultiEntityEditorWidget, self).focusInEvent(event)
[docs] def get_value(self): """ Return a list of entity dicitionaries for the entity bubbles in the widget. :returns: A list of :obj:`dict` objects. :rtype: :obj:`list` """ return [b.get_data() for b in self.get_bubbles()]
def hideEvent(self, event): """ Make sure the completer is hidden when the widget is. :param event: The hide event object :type event: :class:`~PySide.QtGui.QEvent` """ self._hide_completer() super(MultiEntityEditorWidget, self).hideEvent(event) def keyPressEvent(self, event): """ Handles user interaction with the widget via keyboard. - Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Return will trigger the ``value_changed`` signal to be emitted - Enter, Return, and Tab will attempt to add the current completer item :param event: The key press event. :type event: :class:`~PySide.QtGui.QEvent` """ if ( event.key() in [QtCore.Qt.Key_Enter, QtCore.Qt.Key_Return] and event.modifiers() & QtCore.Qt.ControlModifier ): self.value_changed.emit() event.ignore() return elif event.key() in [ QtCore.Qt.Key_Enter, QtCore.Qt.Key_Return, QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab, ]: entity_dict = self._completer.get_current_result() if not entity_dict: # nothing current, get the first result entity_dict = self._completer.get_first_result() if entity_dict: self.add_entity(entity_dict) self.clear_typed_text() event.ignore() return super(MultiEntityEditorWidget, self).keyPressEvent(event) def setup_widget(self): """ Prepare the widget for display. Called by the metaclass during initialization. Sets up the completer and valid types accepted by the widget. """ sg_connection = self._bundle.sgtk.shotgun # TODO: remove this check and backward compatibility layer. added 09/16 self._project_search_supported = check_project_search_supported(sg_connection) valid_types = {} # get this field's schema for entity_type in shotgun_globals.get_valid_types( self._entity_type, self._field_name ): if entity_type == "Project" and not self._project_search_supported: # there is an issue querying Project entities via text_search # with older versions of SG. for now, don't restrict the editor continue else: valid_types[entity_type] = [] self._completer = global_search_completer.GlobalSearchCompleter() self._completer.set_bg_task_manager(self._bg_task_manager) self._completer.set_searchable_entity_types(valid_types) self._completer.setWidget(self) # connect the signals. self.textChanged.connect(self._on_text_changed) self._completer.entity_activated.connect(self._on_entity_activated) def _display_default(self): """ Display the default value of the widget. """ self.clear() def _display_value(self, value): """ Set the value displayed by the widget. :param value: The value returned by the Shotgun API to be displayed """ self.clear() for entity_dict in value: self.add_entity(entity_dict) def _hide_completer(self): """ Convenience wrapper for hiding the completer popup. """ self._completer.popup().hide() def _on_entity_activated(self, type, id, name): """ When an entity is activated via the completer, add it to the widget. :param str type: The entity type :param int id: The entity's id :param str name: The name of the entity. """ entity_dict = {"type": type, "id": id, "name": name} self._completer.popup().hide() self._completer.clear() self.clear_typed_text() self.add_entity(entity_dict) def _on_text_changed(self): """ Show the copmleter as text is changing in the widget. """ self._show_completer() def _show_completer(self): """ Handles displaying the completer in the proper location relative to the cursor. """ typed_text = self.get_typed_text() if self.isVisible() and typed_text: rect = self.cursorRect() rect.setWidth(300) rect.moveLeft(self.rect().left()) rect.moveTop( + 6) self._completer.setCompletionPrefix(typed_text) self._completer.complete(rect)