Source code for search_completer.hierarchical_search_completer

# Copyright (c) 2017 Shotgun Software Inc.
# This work is provided "AS IS" and subject to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit
# Source Code License included in this distribution package. See LICENSE.
# By accessing, using, copying or modifying this work you indicate your
# agreement to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Source Code License. All rights
# not expressly granted therein are reserved by Shotgun Software Inc.

import sgtk
from sgtk.platform.qt import QtCore, QtGui

from .search_completer import SearchCompleter

shotgun_model = sgtk.platform.import_framework(
    "tk-framework-shotgunutils", "shotgun_model"

[docs]class HierarchicalSearchCompleter(SearchCompleter): """ A standalone :class:`PySide.QtGui.QCompleter` class for matching SG entities to typed text. If defaults to searching inside the current context's project and to only show entities. :signal: ``node_activated(str, int, str, str, list)`` - Fires when someone activates a node inside the search results. The parameters are ``type``, ``id``, ``name``, ``label_path`` and ``incremental_path``. If the node activated is not an entity, ``type`` and ``id`` will be ``None``. :modes: ``MODE_LOADING, MODE_NOT_FOUND, MODE_RESULT`` - Used to identify the mode of an item in the completion list :model role: ``MODE_ROLE`` - Stores the mode of an item in the completion list (see modes above) :model role: ``SG_DATA_ROLE`` - Role for storing shotgun data in the model """ # path label, entity type, entity id, name, incremental path node_activated = QtCore.Signal(str, int, str, str, list) def __init__(self, parent=None): """ :param parent: Parent widget :type parent: :class:`~PySide.QtGui.QWidget` """ super(HierarchicalSearchCompleter, self).__init__(parent) self.search_root = self._bundle.context.project self.show_entities_only = True self.seed_entity_field = "PublishedFile.entity" def _get_search_root(self): """ The entity under which the search will be done. If ``None``, the search will be done for the whole site. The entity is a ``dict`` with keys ``id`` and ``type``. Note that only ``Project`` entities are supported at the moment. """ return self._search_root def _set_search_root(self, entity): """ See getter documentation. """ self._search_root = entity search_root = property(_get_search_root, _set_search_root) def _get_show_entities_only(self): """ Indicates if only entities will be shown in the search results. If set to ``True``, only entities will be shown. """ return self._show_entities_only def _set_show_entities_only(self, is_set): """ See getter documentation. """ self._show_entities_only = is_set show_entities_only = property(_get_show_entities_only, _set_show_entities_only) def _get_seed_entity_field(self): """ The seed entity to use when searching for entity. Can be ``PublishedFile.entity`` or ``Version.entity``. """ return self._seed_entity_field def _set_seed_entity_field(self, seed_entity_field): """ See setter documentation. """ self._seed_entity_field = seed_entity_field seed_entity_field = property(_get_seed_entity_field, _set_seed_entity_field) def _set_item_delegate(self, popup, text): """ Sets the item delegate for the popup widget. :param popup: Qt Popup widget receiving the delegate. :paarm text: Text from the current search. """ # deferred import to help documentation generation. from .hierarchical_search_result_delegate import ( HierarchicalSearchResultDelegate, ) self._delegate = HierarchicalSearchResultDelegate(popup, text) popup.setItemDelegate(self._delegate) def _launch_sg_search(self, text): """ Launches a search on the Shotgun server. :param str text: Text to search for. :returns: The :class:`~tk-framework-shotgunutils:shotgun_data.ShotgunDataRetriever`'s job id. """ # FIXME: Ideally we would use the nav_search_entity endpoint to compute the path to the root. # Unfortunately there is a bug a the moment that prevents this. if not self._search_root: root_path = "/" else: root_path = "/Project/%d" % self._search_root.get("id") return self._sg_data_retriever.execute_nav_search_string( root_path, text, self._seed_entity_field ) def _handle_search_results(self, data): """ Populates the model associated with the completer with the data coming back from Shotgun. :param dict data: Data received back from the job sent to the :class:`~tk-framework-shotgunutils:shotgun_data.ShotgunDataRetriever` in :method:``_launch_sg_search``. """ data_matches = data["sg"] # When showing only entities, skip entries that aren't. if self._show_entities_only: data_matches = list( filter( lambda x: x["ref"]["type"] is not None and x["ref"]["id"] is not None, data_matches, ) ) if len(data_matches) == 0: item = QtGui.QStandardItem("No matches found!") item.setData(self.MODE_NOT_FOUND, self.MODE_ROLE) self.model().appendRow(item) # Payload looks like: # [ # { # "label": "bunny_020", # "incremental_path": [ # "/Project/65", # "/Project/65/Shot", # "/Project/65/Shot/sg_sequence/Sequence/5" # ], # "path_label": "Shots", # "ref": { # "id": 5, # "type": "Sequence" # }, # "project_id": 65 # }, # ... # ] # insert new data into model for data in data_matches: item = QtGui.QStandardItem(data["label"]) item.setData(self.MODE_RESULT, self.MODE_ROLE) item.setData(shotgun_model.sanitize_for_qt_model(data), self.SG_DATA_ROLE) item.setIcon(self._pixmaps.no_thumbnail) data_type = data["ref"]["type"] data_id = data["ref"]["id"] if data_type and data_id and self._sg_data_retriever: uid = self._sg_data_retriever.request_thumbnail_source( data_type, data_id, load_image=True ) self._thumb_map[uid] = {"item": item} self.model().appendRow(item)
[docs] def get_result(self, model_index): """ Returns an item from the result list. Here's an example:: { "label": "bunny_020", "incremental_path": [ "/Project/65", "/Project/65/Shot", "/Project/65/Shot/sg_sequence/Sequence/5" ], "path_label": "Shots", "ref": { "id": 5, "type": "Sequence" }, "project_id": 65 } :param model_index: The index of the model to return the result for. :type model_index: :class:`~PySide.QtCore.QModelIndex` :return: The ``dict`` for the supplied model index. :rtype: ``dict`` or ``None`` """ mode = shotgun_model.get_sanitized_data(model_index, self.MODE_ROLE) if mode == self.MODE_RESULT: # get the payload data = shotgun_model.get_sanitized_data(model_index, self.SG_DATA_ROLE) return data else: return None
def _on_select(self, model_index): """ Called by the base class when something was selected in the pop-up. Emits the ``node_activated`` event. :param model_index: :class:`QtModelIndex` of the item that was selected. """ data = self.get_result(model_index) if data: # Let it be known that something was picked. self.node_activated.emit( data["ref"]["type"], data["ref"]["id"], data["label"], data["path_label"], data["incremental_path"], )