I can’t use local file linking and launch Toolkit applications from Firefox


Sometimes in Shotgun the action menu will not display the list of Toolkit applications available or will error when using local file linking, even with Shotgun Desktop running. This is a guide to troubleshooting Shotgun Desktop’s browser integration in Firefox and will hopefully help you get things working. We have a separate guide for Chrome.

Diagnosing the issue

Is Shotgun Desktop running?

Yes, we know. You probably already checked. We had to ask. :)

Are you using firewall software?

Ensure that no firewall software is preventing connections to localhost or on port 9000.

Is Firefox rejecting the certificate?

You can verify that Firefox accepts the certificate by browsing to https://localhost:9000, which is the address the Shotgun website tries to access in order to do local file linking and launch Toolkit applications. You should normally be greeted by this message:

Autobahn Python message

On the other hand, if you are greeted by one of those two messages, it means there was a problem with the certificate registration process:

Connection is not secure message

Secure connection failed message

How to fix “Your connection is not secure”

You need to add an exception to the Firefox browser so that the certificate is accepted. If you just visited https://localhost:9000, the easiest way to add the exception is by clicking on Advanced, then click the Add Exception button. A dialog will appear.

Add exception to Firefox

Click Get Certificate and then Confirm Security Exception. You can ignore the message about the certificate not being trusted. This is normal as the certificate was generated by Shotgun Desktop and not by a certification authority.

You should now be able to access local file linking and launch Toolkit applications from your Shotgun site. If you are still experiencing issues after adding the exception, please contact us at support@shotgunsoftware.com.

How to fix “Secure connection failed”

You need to click on the Open Menu button and pick Preferences. Then pick Advanced on the left hand side, Certificates and finally View Certificates.

Firefox advanced settings

Firefox view certificates

In the Servers section, click on any item and start typing localhost or simply scroll until you find an entry named localhost:9000. Delete it. Then, go to the Authorities tab and type localhost again. You can once again also scroll until you reach the Autodesk section with a localhost entry underneath. You can remove the localhost entry. Once this is done, click OK and restart Firefox. Once Firefox has been restarted, browse to https://localhost:9000. You should now be greeted by this message:

Connection is not secure message

At this point, you need to follow the step documented above to add an exception.

If this is not the screen you are getting, please contact us at support@shotgunsoftware.com.

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