Toolkit Frameworks

Toolkit frameworks are collections of code that can be used across apps and engines. You can read more about frameworks in general in our core API documentation.

We provide a public API for the following frameworks, which can be used in your app development:

The Shotgun Utilities Framework, or tk-framework-shotgunutils, is a collection of Shotgun-related helpers and utilities that make App development easier. It includes a Shotgun (MVC) Model, which makes it easy to connect a Shotgun query with a standard QT View, as well as classes for managing settings, background Shotgun processing, and globals such as schema, statuses, and icons.

The QT Widgets Framework, or tk-framework-qtwidgets, is a large collection of Shotgun-related QT widgets that make it easy to quickly build a nice looking front-end to your App. It includes multiple custom QT views, delegates, and widgets.

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