Web Traffic Segregation

The goal is to set up an AWS PrivateLink to privately access your Shotgun site.

  • Ask Shotgun support to provide you with the Shotgun PrivateLink service name for your AWS region.

  • Update the private VPC CloudFormation stack you created earlier and set ShotgunPrivateServiceName parameter.

Manual steps if needed

  • Add a new VPC Endpoint in your VPC

  • For the security group, Shotgun service only requires the inbound port tcp/443 to be open.

Create endpoint

Split Horizon DNS

You need to configre your office DNS server to resolve your shotgun site to your Shotgun VPC Endpoint DNS name.

Example DNS entry

mystudio-staging.shotgunstudio.com   CNAME   vpce-048447456a4f57e14-1j3wh50q.vpce-svc-0b054415458f57634.us-west-2.vpce.amazonaws.com


Verify that your site resolves to IPs in your AWS VPC block.

nslookup mystudio-staging.shotgunstudio.com

Try to access your test site from inside your office ie https://mystudio-staging.shotgunstudio.com

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