Shotgun pipeline Toolkit Core reference, v0.18.114

Welcome to the Shotgun pipeline Toolkit developer and reference documentation. Below you will find a detailed technical reference of all Toolkit Core APIs as well as information useful for developers and engineers.

Who is this documentation for?

This documentation is intended for Software Engineers or TDs who are either developing Toolkit Apps/Engines or doing advanced integration of Toolkit into their pipeline and workflows.

Accessing the Toolkit Core API

As with all APIs, the Toolkit Core API is a combination of public interfaces and internal logic. We refactor and evolve the Toolkit Core code on a regular basis and this sometimes changes to the internal structure of the code. We recommend only accessing Toolkit via the methods documented in this API reference. These form the official Toolkit Core API and will always remain backwards compatible.

As a general rule, each package in the sgtk core API imports its full public interface. This is to provide a cleaner interface and make refactoring easier. We therefore recommend importing from the package level whenever possible:

# recommended and documented API access
from sgtk.authentication import ShotgunAuthenticator

# we recommend *avoiding* deeper, module level imports
from sgtk.authentication.shotgun_authenticator import ShotgunAuthenticator